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Message from President

We aim to be a company that creates new value and continues to contribute to society.

Nagano Japan Radio Co., Ltd. (NJRC) has steadily developed as an electronics manufacturer since its establishment in 1949.Currently, we are developing businesses globally in four business units: the Solution, Special Equipment, ICT and Mechatronics, and Components.

The global economy is heading toward an era of unprecedented upheaval, and the business environment surrounding our company is changing accordingly. In order to continue to grow in such a turbulent era ,we will take "Change and Challenge" as our corporate culture and actively work on fields that are expected to grow significantly, such as IoT, Digital Transformation(DX), Energy, and Components.

Through success in these areas, we aim to contribute to human security and safety, as well as helping to realize a sustainable society.

In the future, we will continuously strive to create new value and raise our own corporate value as we aim to become a company capable of wide-ranging contributions to society.

Shoji Kubota
Nagano Japan Radio Co., Ltd.